Corrie Mackenzie





Books in (Alive)

Tomorrow, When The War Began, The Dead Of Night

Closest Friends

Ellie Linton (Best Friend), Homer Yannos, Chris Lang, Kevin Holmes, Fiona Maxwell, Lee Takkam, Robyn Mathers


Mr Mackenzie, Mrs Mackenzie

Book/Movie Death Confirmed

Darkness Be My Friend


Kevin Holmes (boyfriend)

Cause Of Death

Bullet Wound in the back


Rachel Hurd-Wood

Corrie is Ellie’s very best friend, her mate, whom she shared everything with since she was a toddler and whom she plans on doing everything with well into their adult lives.

Corrie often shows a strong sense of determination, she is intelligent and quick thinking, however the war affects her greatly very early on. In the end, Corrie finds the strength within herself to carry on and not let her fear stop her and is driven, more than anything, by concern for her family. Her boyfriend is a dick, and shows his true nature when he lets her die to save his dog.

Towards the end of the first book, she was shot by an enemy soldier. Not being able to stop the bleeding, the group make the decision that she has to go to hospital. Kevin drives her in, despite certain capture.

In the second book, the group does not know what has happened to Corrie or Kevin. The group decide to go to the Wirrawe hospital. They find Corrie comatose, but there is no sign of Kevin.

In book 3, after the group's return from New Zealand, Lee and Ellie go to the cemetery, where they find Corrie's grave. She was presumed to have died during the groups' five month stay in New Zealand.