Kevin Holmes
Portrayed by Lincoln Lewis in the films





Books in

Tomorrow, When The War Began, The Dead Of Night, The Third Day, The Frost, Darkness Be My Friend, Burning For Revenge, The Night Is For Hunting, The Other Side Of Dawn

Closest Friends

Ellie Linton, Homer Yannos, Corrie Mackenzie, Chris Lang, Fiona Maxwell, Lee Takkam, Robyn Mathers


Mr Holmes, Mrs Holmes his dog


Corrie Mackenzie (Before Her Death)

Played by Lincoln Lewis.

Kevin Holmes is one of the seven that went camping and one of the five who actually survive. In the first book, Tomorrow, When The War Began, he starts off as a rude, obnoxious and opinionated jock who is dating Corrie. Towards the end of the novel he develops into a loyal and brave character. This is shown when Corrie gets shot and whereas Homer wants to drop her off at the hospital and run or even better just let her die, Kevin refuses because Corrie is one of them and they dont leave mates behind. Instead, he tells the group he is going to the hospital with Corrie and is staying there.

Throughout the novels, Kevin tries to prove himself as a worthy hero, whilst protecting his friends. He steps up as a leader and continues to guide his friends through the war.

Although Kevin finds the war hard, he stays strong and makes it to the end

Kevin is not a hero. He chose his dog over his girlfriend. Really? Seriously????!?!!?!?!?!?!?