Lee Takkam
Portrayed by Chris Pang in the films





Books in

Tomorrow, When The War Began, The Dead Of Night, The Third Day, The Frost, Darkness, Be My Friend, Burning For Revenge, The Night Is For Hunting, The Other Side Of Dawn, While I Live, Incurable, Circle Of Flight

Closest Friends

Ellie Linton, Homer Yannos, Chris Lang, Kevin Holmes, Fiona Maxwell, Robyn Mathers, Corrie Mackenzie


Mr Takkam (Deceased), Mrs Takkam (Deceased), Pang Takkam, Phillip Takkam, Paul Takkam, Intira Takkam


Ellie Linton (girlfriend), Reni (Ex-Girlfriend; Enemy)

Lee Takkam is a returning character in the tomorrow when the war began novels. He is initially seen by Ellie as shy and quiet, with a serious interest in violin. His parents run a Vietnamese restaurant in Wirrawee and he lives above it in an apartment. Throughout the novel, Ellie and Lee have an on and off relationship, with Lee also becoming wild and eradicly behaved after the death of his parents. If you would like to know more about Lee, read the books and find out for yourself. This website should not be trusted as anyone can edit the page at anytime very easily. Have a nice day. ooft