Rachel Hurd-Wood



Current Age



17 August 1990


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Star Sign


Hurd-Wood was born in London, England, the daughter of Philip and Sarah Hurd-Wood. She has a younger brother, Patrick who appeared with her in Peter Pan as one of the sleeping children in the "I Do Believe In Fairies" scene. He also plays the role of Samuel Crowthorn alongside his sister in her later film, Solomon Kane in which she plays Meredith Crowthorn. She currently resides in a Victorian cottage at the edge of a forest in Godalming, Surrey, along with her parents and brother. Her father's work involves performing, writing scripts and doing voice-overs for commercials. She joined a drama club in her school and took part in its stage production during her second year.

In a 2010 live Myspace web chat for the film Tomorrow, When the War Began, Hurd-Wood dispelled the false rumour that her uncle is British actor and comedian Hugh Laurie.

Hurd-Wood had considered becoming a marine biologist, until she became interested in working with children who have special needs or disabilities. She studies Linguistics at University College London, having completed her first year in 2009.

When she was younger, she was jealous of the Wendy character in the Disney film Peter Pan (1953), because that Wendy got to swordfight and fly.

She enjoys ice skating, art and listening to rap and hip-hop music.

She found out about the role of Wendy in Peter Pan (2003) after her grandparents saw an advert on television. They contacted Rachel's mother and when she came home from school one day her mother started measuring her, when she found Rachel was in the height requirements, she said Rachel could audition.

She has often said she does not plan on continuing to have a career of being an actress. In 2003/2004, she said she loves dolphins and hopes to become a marine biologist. In a September/October 2009 interview with Little White Lies magazine, she said she wants to teach, do speech therapy, or work with autistic children, in which she also stated, "It was never my goal to be an actor".

Sister of Patrick Hurd-Wood

Lives in a cottage at the edge of a forest with her parents and brother in Godalming, Surrey, England

Daughter of Philip Hurd-Wood and Sarah Hurd-Wood.

She attended Rodborough Technology College from 2001-2006. The school is located in Milford, Surrey, England.

Is half Irish.

Studying Linguistics at University College London. [2009]

Her father Philip Hurd-Wood is a voiceover artist and actor. Her mother Sarah is a housewife.

Born in Streatham, England before moving to Surrey, England with her parents when she was eight years old.

Girlfriend of Mattis Vigs from Norway. [2004]


2001 :

The Last Furlong - Mae-West O'Mara

 2010 :

Tomorrow, When the War Began - Corrie Mackenzie

 2009 :

Solomon Kane - Meredith Crowthorn

Dorian Gray  -Sibyl Vane  2006 :

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Laura


An American Haunting - Betsy Bell / Entity Voice


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (TV movie) - Imogen Helhoughton

2003:Peter Pan - Wendy Darling